Form An Energy Club

The future of energy depends on building a global alliance of student leaders working together with non-partisan faculty, teachers and community leaders.

Why an Energy Club?

Through Switch Energy Clubs, SEA will help students understand the future of energy by building a global alliance of student-leaders. Armed with objective, fact-based information, members will be positioned to confidently make informed decisions about our global energy future and pursue energy careers.

Start An Energy Club

Engage with the Community

Switch Energy Clubs members have opportunities explore energy related topics and fields, connect with energy professionals and participate in civil, fact-based discussions

Meetings with Speakers

Field Trips

Networking With Energy Professionals

Career Event Day

Industry Roundtables

Energy Case Competitions

School Energy Day

Public Outreach

Our Commitment To You

SEA will provide each club with the guidance and support necessary to form and operate a successful club, including a "digital toolkit" with appropriate resources:

  • Access to Switch Energy Alliance's vast video content
  • Constitution
  • Recruitment materials
  • Club organizational structure
  • Speaker, field trip, and volunteer suggestions
  • Assistance with sourcing club sponsors
  • Tips on starting the club, recruiting advisors, running meetings, and public speaking
  • Best practices of other Switch Energy Clubs
  • Pre-made slides allowing students to construct their own energy presentations
  • Access to a global club network


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Scott Tinker, Chairman