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September 27, 2019

With the assistance of SEA interns and UT students Jack Trueblood and Billy Sotiropoulos, Switch Energy Alliance is reaching out to universities to launch annual energy case competitions. The first case competition, held at the University of Texas at Austin in Spring 2019, was an overwhelming success. Over ninety students representing 26 majors competed for $1,500 in cash prizes. Sixteen cross-campus, cross-disciplinary teams had a week to prepare a case study of energy poverty, selecting Kenya or Nepal. Teams were evaluated by external judges and the results were remarkable.

Based on these experiences, SEA is coordinating an annual Switch Energy Case Competition. The Case Competition will be annual student-run competitions focused on identifying solutions to the world’s most pressing issues surrounding energy. The competition, open to all majors and levels of study, consists of small teams of 2-4 students. Each team brainstorms ideas for a given prompt and creates a presentation for a panel of judges. Students are then judged on their ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

The broader goals are to bring focus to a key global topic each year (e.g. energy poverty); create an opportunity for students from different disciplines to work together; broaden the awareness of energy and its powerful impact on the world; spread awareness of SEA and non-partisan energy education to many campuses; and create a portal of competitor resumes through which SEA supporters can gain access to talented students at universities where they may not recruit.

The Spring 2020 Switch Energy Case Competition should be especially exciting, as the universities will be encouraged to screen SEA's new film, Switch On, as one of the events connected to the competition.

If you are interested in launching a Switch Energy Case Competition at a university, please contact Bill Hays at bhays.switch@gmail.com.

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