Solar Adoption

Solar is becoming more affordable and widespread as technology advances

The Pros and Cons of Nuclear

Can the positives of nuclear energy compensate for the negatives?

Global Energy Demand

An energy portfolio is necessary to satisfy rising demand

Environmental Impacts of Wind Turbines

Visual impact on landscape, noise pollution, mortality to wildlife, mining,...

What is Electricity

Find out how the flow of electrons powers our modern...


Find out why geothermal energy is not necessarily a renewable...

Switch, Chapter 1

Introduction: Making the transition

Oil Uses and Reserves

The location and number of remaining oil reserves

Jan Oivind Johansen - The Switch Interview

An integral character in Norway's hydropower revolution

Carbon Capture, Transport, and Sequestration

Why is carbon capture such a challenge?

Concentrating Solar Towers

A renewable resource that can be tailored in response to...

Women in Kuwait's Oil Industry

Women should have the same liberties and privileges as men

Coal Primer

The big picture on coal

Transportation Policy

On creating performance standards or pricing instruments that are technology...

Electricity Storage

Electricity generation and transportation would be revolutionized with improved energy...

Switch, Chapter 14

Making the Switch: The Value of Efficiency

The Global Oil Market

Fact or fiction: the world is going to run out...

Explaining Cellulosic and Other Biofuels

Illustrating the process by which sugar is extracted from plants

Growth of Nuclear

Falling reactor prices coupled with the expansion of nuclear energy

Middle East Oil Reserves

How much longer will the diminishing oil supply last?


Structured Video-Based Education

Coming soon: We’ll organize the video library to provide a structured journey through the world of energy, which academic, professional and government users can tailor to their learning and experience levels. This will eventually include an accredited video-based course for university and upper level high school students.


Outreach & Viewer Participation

Coming soon: We're expanding our outreach programs to better connect with viewers, assist educators in getting more from our materials, and encourage students and general users to participate in productive energy discussions. We’ll do this through targeted social media marketing, an improved and expanded newsletter campaign, university partnerships and educator-led student work groups.

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