The Switch Interview

Barry Smitherman

Texas Public Utility Commissioner at the time of the interview

The former chief electricity regulator in Texas describes how his state became the US wind leaderand the current and future state of America's electricity system. Unfortunately, today solar and wind energy are rounding errors when it comes to the total composition of how we produce electricity.

Barry Smitherman's Videos

Natural Gas in Texas

The cleanliness and abundance of natural gas

Electricity Generation Mix

Coal, natural gas, and nuclear power generate the bulk of...

Pros and Cons of Coal

New coal plants minimize the number of pollutants released into...

Intermittency and Electricity Storage

Analyzing the discrepancy between when wind blows versus when we...

Smart Meters and Smart Grid

Putting a price on electricity consumption

Electric Cars and The Grid

A vision of how electric cars can be incorporated into...

Home Solar Panel System

The price break down of solar panels: from installation to...

The Price to Capture Carbon

Explaining how carbon sequestration will increase coal prices

Transmission in Texas

On long haul transmission from West Texas wind farms

The Pros and Cons of Nuclear

Can the positives of nuclear energy compensate for the negatives?

Building Transmission for Wind Electricity

Creating sufficient transmission is a significant challenge of wind energy

Energy Efficiency

On Texas's plan to reduce the growth of energy demand

Electric Grids

Interconnection of the three electric grids could help maximize renewable...


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