The Switch Interview

Dr. Dan Sperling

Director, Institute of Transportation Studies

A dominant figure in transportation research considers the costs, benefits and externalities of different fuels focusing on biofuels, hydrogen, hybrid, and electric cars. If you buy a vehicle that's a gas guzzler, you would pay a fee. If you bought a very efficient vehicle or an electric vehicle, you would get a rebate.

Dr. Dan Sperling's Videos

Challenges with Natural Gas Vehicles

The lower emissions of natural gas vehicles are offset by...

The Transition to Electric Cars

Electricity made from coal is the main power source for...

Challenges with Corn Ethanol

Land and water use, a large carbon footprint, and competition...


Efficiency is a better option than supply side methods for...

Transportation Policy

On creating performance standards or pricing instruments that are technology...

Cellulosic Biofuels

Why are cellulosic materials a better option for biofuels than...

Conventional vs. Plug-In Hybrids

The increase in fuel efficiency associated with plug-in hybrids

Sugarcane Ethanol in Brazil

What elements contributed to the success of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol...


On the monetary and humanitarian challenges of biorefineries

Cellulose to Biofuels

Gasification: an alternate way to create fuel from cellulose

Hydrogen Vehicles

An hydrogen motor is quiet, efficient, and has zero emissions

Batteries for Vehicles

On the lifetime and production of car batteries

Vehicle Recharging and Range Anxiety

On public charging station installation


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