The Switch Interview

Jan Oivind Johansen

Norwegian Ministry of Energy

Hydropower in Norway is responsible for 99% of electricity generation. A leader in the Scandinavian power sector discusses Norway's success in hydropower development and in the Northern European energy trade.

Jan Oivind Johansen's Videos

Norway's Future Energy Plan

Electric cars and efficiency: two aspects of Norway's energy future

The Nordic Power Pool

On Norway trading hydropower with the rest of Europe

Energy Security and Trade

On Norway's immense energy exports

Hydropower in Norway

Hydropower: the clean energy source that drives Norway's prosperity

Norway's Hydropower Capacity

How much energy do the Norwegian hydropower plants generate?

Government Backed Hydro

On the key funding mechanisms for Hydro in Norway

Benefits of Hydropower

Hydropower creates job expansion, clean energy, fisheries, and flood and...

History of Norwegian Energy

World war caused Norway to seek energy independence and thus...

Cost of Hydropower

High investment, cheap electricity

Challenges with Hydropower

Ensuring that hydropower does not encroach on the salmon industry


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