The Switch Interview

Luis Echavarri

Director-General, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency at the time of the interview

An ambassador for the expansion of nuclear power examines its role today and its potential in the future. There are around 438 reactors in operation right now, and OECD is expected to have, in the low case, around 600 by 2050.

Luis Echavarri's Videos

Advantages of Nuclear

What makes nuclear so great?

Comparing Nuclear Energy

The competition for baseload energy generation and supplement of renewables

Growth of Nuclear

Falling reactor prices coupled with the expansion of nuclear energy

The Innovation of Nuclear Reactors

What changes will be made to improve nuclear reactors?

Nuclear in the U.S.

On why nuclear energy began in the 1970s and then...

Cost of Nuclear

The large upfront investment needed for nuclear power plants

Nuclear Energy in France

Nuclear energy: an undisputed and standardized French resource

Nuclear Waste in France

France reprocesses the majority of their spent fuel

Nuclear Cooperation

On communication between nations and agencies to ensure safe, efficient...


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