The Switch Interview

Dr. Richard Muller

Berkeley National Lab at the time of the interview

A Berkeley National Lab physicist and energy author explores the future of energy and how to improve efficiency. By the year 2100, with this improved efficiency we could have a world where everyone has the current European or American standard of living, and we would be using no more energy than we are today.

Dr. Richard Muller's Videos

The Energy Future

The rise of renewables and efficiency in the developed world

Natural Gas Vehicles

Lower CO2 emissions, convenient refueling, and cheaper batteries are offered...

Nuclear Fission

How nuclear fission generates energy

Global Energy Mix

On the increase in renewable energy sources and continued use...

Biofuels and Corn Ethanol

The narrow gap between energy consumed versus provided by corn...

Oil Supply and Price

Why do OPEC nations not like when the price of...

Wind and Solar

Expansion of wind and solar energy will be feasible with...

Building New Nuclear Plants

The quality of nuclear plants has been transformed drastically by...

Comfortable Conservation

On how to conserve energy in an nondisruptive manner

Ways to Increase Efficiency

Raising efficiency through improved technology and energy education

How Likely is Nuclear Proliferation?

The improbability of nuclear waste conversion into weapons of mass...

Nuclear Waste: 3 Options

What should we do with nuclear waste? There are 3...


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