The Switch Interview

Santiago Seage

CEO of Abengoa Solar at the time of the interview

The former CEO of an ambitious Spanish solar firm examines new technologies in the industry, and their potential for development and implementation'

Santiago Seage's Videos

Types of Solar

Photovoltaic captures the sun's light, while concentrated solar power harnesses...

Government Support for Solar

On managing the risk of solar by guaranteeing paybacks

Concentrated Solar Power in the Sahara

On the logistics behind harnessing the Sahara's sunlight and transmitting...

Cost of Concentrated Solar Power

The high initial investment required for solar power contrasted with...

Concentrating Solar Towers

A renewable resource that can be tailored in response to...

The Future of Solar

Suggesting a massive growth in solar and other renewables

The Challenges of Solar

The expansion of solar energy is hindered by the intermittency...

Reducing Emissions

An expansion of solar energy could improve environmental sustainability


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