14 Energy Briefs

Foundation of Modern Life Primer

Energy underpins absolutely everything in our modern world

Energy Choices Primer

We choose our energy based on 4 criteria: "Available, affordable,...

Environmental Impacts Primer

The broad view on environmental impacts

Scale Primer

The importance of scale when thinking about global energy

Efficiency Primer

The many benefits of energy efficiency.

Bioenergy Primer

The long view on biofuels

Coal Primer

The big picture on coal

Hydro Primer

The primer on hydroelectric energy

Natural Gas Primer

The key issues on natural gas and hydraulic fracturing

Nuclear Primer

An overview of nuclear power

Oil Primer

The inside scoop on oil

Solar Primer

The main points on solar

Wind Primer

Your 2-minute take on wind

Geothermal Primer

The synopsis on geothermal energy


Structured Video-Based Education

Coming soon: We’ll organize the video library to provide a structured journey through the world of energy, which academic, professional and government users can tailor to their learning and experience levels. This will eventually include an accredited video-based course for university and upper level high school students.


Outreach & Viewer Participation

Coming soon: We're expanding our outreach programs to better connect with viewers, assist educators in getting more from our materials, and encourage students and general users to participate in productive energy discussions. We’ll do this through targeted social media marketing, an improved and expanded newsletter campaign, university partnerships and educator-led student work groups.

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