Making the Energy Transition

The time to start the energy transition is now

The Transition to Cleaner Energy

How Iceland transitioned from dependence on fossil fuels to geothermal...

The Transition to Electric Cars

Electricity made from coal is the main power source for...

Pace of Energy Transitions

The lifespan of power plants, competing interests, incumbency, and slow...

Rising Energy Demand

Why is the demand for energy increasing so rapidly?

Scaling Up Cellulosic Biofuels

The transition from the laboratory to the real world

Incorporating Renewables Into the System

Developing renewable energy that's dependable and low cost

Transportation Alternatives

From flex fuel vehicles, to hybridization of the fleet, to...

Challenges with Natural Gas Vehicles

The lower emissions of natural gas vehicles are offset by...

Oil Uses and Reserves

The location and number of remaining oil reserves

Transitioning Transportation

Developing transportation technologies

Oil Primer

The inside scoop on oil

Wind Primer

Your 2-minute take on wind

The Global Oil Market

Fact or fiction: the world is going to run out...


Structured Video-Based Education

Coming soon: We’ll organize the video library to provide a structured journey through the world of energy, which academic, professional and government users can tailor to their learning and experience levels. This will eventually include an accredited video-based course for university and upper level high school students.


Outreach & Viewer Participation

Coming soon: We're expanding our outreach programs to better connect with viewers, assist educators in getting more from our materials, and encourage students and general users to participate in productive energy discussions. We’ll do this through targeted social media marketing, an improved and expanded newsletter campaign, university partnerships and educator-led student work groups.

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