Cellulosic Biofuels

Why are cellulosic materials a better option for biofuels than...

Sugarcane Ethanol in Brazil

What elements contributed to the success of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol...

The Potential of New Biofuels

Describing why cellulosic and ethanol biofuels are more effective than...

Challenges with Cellulosic Biofuels

The obstacle of liberating sugar in an efficient manner

Scaling Up Cellulosic Biofuels

The transition from the laboratory to the real world

Biofuels and Corn Ethanol

The narrow gap between energy consumed versus provided by corn...

Explaining Cellulosic and Other Biofuels

Illustrating the process by which sugar is extracted from plants

Challenges with Corn Ethanol

Land and water use, a large carbon footprint, and competition...

Bioenergy Primer

The long view on biofuels

Future Green: New Biofuel Crops

Cornell University in upstate New York focuses on cold weather...

Biofuels Basics

Can this organic fuel source overcome cost, water, and land...


Discussing biofuels that require minimal watering and are easily adaptable...

Biomass Pros and Cons

What will the future hold for mankind's oldest energy source?

Regions and Biofuels

Discussing climate restrictions that dictate what types of crops can...

The Innovation of Biofuels

On the diversification of biofuel crops and expansion of technologies

Displacing Oil with Biofuels

On supplementing oil with renewable resources for transportation fuel

An Opposing View on Biofuels

Do the negative consequences of biofuels outweigh the positives?

Cellulose to Biofuels

Gasification: an alternate way to create fuel from cellulose

The Future of Biofuels

The tradeoffs between biofuels being an inefficient but dense energy...

Versatility of Natural Gas

A feedstock for chemicals, transportation fuel, heat source, and electricity...


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