On transitioning from dams to river turbines

Hydro Primer

The primer on hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectric Power

The depletion of hydropower sources and rise of pumped storage

Government Backed Hydro

On the key funding mechanisms for Hydro in Norway

How Hydro Works

See how hydro taps into earth's gravitational pull

Benefits of Hydropower

Hydropower creates job expansion, clean energy, fisheries, and flood and...

Challenges with Hydropower

Ensuring that hydropower does not encroach on the salmon industry

Clean Energy in the U.S.

Suggesting clean energy would have huge economic benefits in the...

How Electricity is Made

How do we generate electricity from resources like coal, wind,...

Incorporating Renewables Into the System

Developing renewable energy that's dependable and low cost

Dominance of Oil

Explaining the inelasticity of the transportation sector

Nuclear: The Real Revolution

Forecasting nuclear power as a key component of our energy...

Nuclear in France

A severe oil crisis forced France to rapidly develop an...

Future Energy Mix

Incorporation of renewable energy resources into the energy mix at...

Cost of Hydropower

High investment, cheap electricity

Hydropower in Norway

Hydropower: the clean energy source that drives Norway's prosperity

The Nordic Power Pool

On Norway trading hydropower with the rest of Europe

Norway's Hydropower Capacity

How much energy do the Norwegian hydropower plants generate?

Electricity Generation Mix

Coal, natural gas, and nuclear power generate the bulk of...

Environmental Impacts Primer

The broad view on environmental impacts


Structured Video-Based Education

Coming soon: We’ll organize the video library to provide a structured journey through the world of energy, which academic, professional and government users can tailor to their learning and experience levels. This will eventually include an accredited video-based course for university and upper level high school students.


Outreach & Viewer Participation

Coming soon: We're expanding our outreach programs to better connect with viewers, assist educators in getting more from our materials, and encourage students and general users to participate in productive energy discussions. We’ll do this through targeted social media marketing, an improved and expanded newsletter campaign, university partnerships and educator-led student work groups.

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