Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas

Why will gas trade in a much tighter range in...

Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing: Methane

What do potential methane leaks mean for this otherwise cleaner...

What is Natural Gas

What exactly is natural gas, where does it occur, and...

Hydraulic Fracturing

A subjective evaluation of hydraulic fracturing is necessary to implement...

Natural Gas Primer

The key issues on natural gas and hydraulic fracturing

Hydrofracking and Unconventional Natural Gas

The EDF provides insight to the natural gas industry on...

Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventional Natural Gas

Hydraulic fracturing has greatly expanded the supply of natural gas

Natural Gas in Texas

The cleanliness and abundance of natural gas

Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing

Increasing domestic energy and reducing CO2are key benefits of expanded...

Natural Gas Vehicles

Lower CO2 emissions, convenient refueling, and cheaper batteries are offered...

Unconventional Natural Gas Production

The rising supply and importance of natural gas

Replacing Coal with Natural Gas

Why is natural gas arguably a better energy source than...

US Natural Gas Supply

The transition from natural gas scarcity to abundance was fueled...

Natural Gas

Domestic and cheap, but not clean enough

Challenges with Natural Gas Vehicles

The lower emissions of natural gas vehicles are offset by...


How safe is hydraulic fracturing?

Uses of Natural Gas

It's our most versatile energy source - explore the many...

Natural Gas Policy

How the natural gas industry could benefit from government backing

Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing: Water

Examine water issues - the biggest challenge for hydraulic fracturing...

Impacts of Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Power

Examining the trade offs between the three baseload fuels for...


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