Oil Supply

Countries with oil fields have undue control

Dominance of Oil

Explaining the inelasticity of the transportation sector

How Oil is Made

Discover how tiny, prehistoric organisms power global transportation

Middle East Oil Reserves

How much longer will the diminishing oil supply last?

Oil Primer

The inside scoop on oil

Drilling for Oil

On the world's deepest offshore platform, operators drill more than...

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Discover how carbon dioxide is used to extract trapped oil

The Global Oil Market

Fact or fiction: the world is going to run out...

Unconventional Sources of Oil

As demand increases, we're looking to ever more complex ways...

Oil Uses and Reserves

The location and number of remaining oil reserves

Displacing Oil with Biofuels

On supplementing oil with renewable resources for transportation fuel

Oil Supply and Demand

Increasing demand and diminishing supply of oil directs us toward...

Oil and Transportation Alternatives

95% of transportation runs on oil-based fuels, but let's take...

Oil Supply and Price

Why do OPEC nations not like when the price of...

Profits in the Oil Industry

The oil industry must undertake a multitude of expenditures throughout...

Conserving Oil for Other Uses

The increasing gap between oil demand and supply

Setting the Price of Oil

The forces of supply and demand interact to determine the...

Women in Kuwait's Oil Industry

Women should have the same liberties and privileges as men

Oil Price and Consumer Behavior

When oil prices rise, consumer demand falls

Foreign Investment in Middle East Oil

Foreign involvement in Middle East, state-controlled oil is expected to...


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