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Countries with oil fields have undue control

Revitalizing a Community

On a rising population and regular paycheck for landlords

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High but falling cost, rising efficiency, and abundance

Environmental Impacts Primer

The broad view on environmental impacts

How Hydro Works

See how hydro taps into earth's gravitational pull

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Visual impact on landscape, noise pollution, mortality to wildlife, mining,...

Drilling for Oil

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Why is nuclear energy a promising alternative?

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Will battery powered electric cars ever be economically feasible?

The Electric Grid

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Types of Solar

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Geothermal Options

We unearth some innovative systems that harness the planet's natural...

Versatility of Natural Gas

A feedstock for chemicals, transportation fuel, heat source, and electricity...

What is Electricity

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Efficiency Options

Choosing fuel efficient cars and decreasing the number of miles...

How to Build a Wind Farm

On organizing the land owners, putting together a project plan,...

Reducing CO2 Emissions

On putting a price on carbon emissions

Necessity and Cost of Carbon Capture

The cost of electricity production using coal doubles when sequestering...

History of Norwegian Energy

World war caused Norway to seek energy independence and thus...

Changing Energy Behavior Through Technology

Why reducing the energy consumption of specific technologies is more...


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