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Switch Energy Alliance develops non-partisan, interactive, film-based materials to inspire students, educators, professionals and general users to explore the world of energy.

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Switch On

Power the People

Switch On explores the more than 2.5 billion people globally living with little or no energy. What solutions are being attempted in rural and urban areas, and which are successful in providing sustainable electricity and clean cooking?

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Award Winning Documentary

Switch explores the world’s leading energy sites, from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, and gets straight answers from the international leaders driving energy today.

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300+ World Class Video Library

The most comprehensive energy video library in the world, designed to engage all experience and knowledge levels, and inspire an energy educated future

26 Global Energy Experts

The top people in energy weigh in on the most important energy issues

World Class Site Visits

Tour a nuclear power plant, an offshore oil platform, a geothermal field, a biofuels lab, and others

28 Energy Lab Experiments and Demos

Join Dr. Scott Tinker in the lab and the field to understand the big concepts in energy, with unexpected and...

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