Derek Tinker and Bill Hays Speak at Austin Rotary Club About Pursuing a Smart Energy Future

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June 10, 2019

Switch Energy Alliance employees Derek Tinker and Bill Hays spoke at the Austin, TX Rotary Club on May 21, 2019. The presentation was titled Pursuing A Smart Energy Future. Bill provided background on SEA and its mission: inspiring an energy-educated future that is objective, non-partisan and sensible. SEA’s global video- and web-based approach engages with students and general viewers in a positive conversation to work collaboratively on energy challenges. SEA reaches millions of people of all ages online, in classrooms, and in professional training.

Derek discussed some of the major factors and considerations when deciding how the world can pursue a smart energy future. Derek’s presentation, supported by statistics, graphs, and data, contained many thought-provoking questions about the world’s energy challenges. The world’s future energy demands are a huge dilemma, Derek stated, with energy being tied to economic poverty. Derek noted that energy does not end poverty, but you can’t end poverty without energy.

Some interesting facts Derek shared: 1) 85% of the energy the world uses is still from fossil fuels. 2) Half of Southeast Asia’s energy comes from coal. 3) Energy demand has increased and continues increasing. 4) By the year 2100, the world’s population is expected to reach 11 billion people. 5) Currently, 80% of the world demands only 45% of all energy consumed. 6) If the IT industry was a country, it would be the world’s third largest consumer of energy behind China and the U.S. Derek ended with a description of the three E’s: Environment, Energy & Economy, and how each must be considered when pursuing our energy future.

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Derek Tinker and Bill Hays Speak at Austin Rotary Club About Pursuing a Smart Energy Future

Derek Tinker and Bill Hays, SEA employees, spoke at the Austin Rotary Club about pursuing a smart energy future.


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