SEA Presents to AP Environmental Science Teachers at AP National Conference

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July 24, 2019

Switch Energy Alliance (SEA) recently participated in the Advanced Placement (AP) Annual National Conference. SEA spoke to AP Environmental Science teachers about SEA’s new AP Environmental Science web-based energy curriculum and worked with teachers to perform a hands-on solar photovoltaic lab.

Jim Corboy, a masters student at the University of Texas at Austin, and Chris Mihealsick, an AP Environmental Science teacher, represented SEA at the event. Jim’s masters thesis studies the effectiveness of SEA’s film Switch in educating high school students on energy. Chris has been a public high school teacher in the Austin area for 17 years, and an AP Environmental Science teacher for 9 years.

The AP National Conference allows AP teachers, coordinators, and administrators to attend sessions on the latest topics and trends in AP teaching. Jim and Chris’s session walked teachers through the available Switch documentary and film resources on the website, highlighting the newly written AP style questions that align with the video content. Teachers then had a chance to preview the new solar lab module, including time for hands-on discovery with solar PV cells.

Teachers were very excited for the new energy resources, and look forward to using them directly in their AP Environmental Science classrooms across the nation.

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